nicholas wu


Working Papers

Explainable Machine Learning Models of Consumer Credit Risk

with Randall Davis, Andrew Lo, Sudhanshu Mishra, Arash Nourian, Manish Singh, and Ruixun Zhang

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In this paper, we create machine learning (ML) models to forecast home equity credit risk for individuals using a real-world dataset and demonstrate methods to explain the output of these ML models to make them more accessible to the end-user. We analyze the explainability of these models for various stakeholders: loan companies, regulators, loan applicants, and data scientists, incorporating their different requirements with respect to explanations. For loan companies, we generate explanations for every model prediction of creditworthiness. For regulators, we perform a stress test for extreme scenarios. For loan applicants, we generate diverse counterfactuals to guide them with steps to reverse the model's classification. Finally, for data scientists, we generate simple rules that accurately explain 70-72% of the dataset. Our work is intended to accelerate the adoption of ML techniques in domains that would benefit from explanations of their predictions.